Teaching Philosophy

Philosophy and Mission

As a cello teacher I strive to create a productive atmosphere and learning environment where my students can achieve musical, intellectual, and emotional growth. I consider myself to be a strict, but productive teacher by expecting my students to produce and achieve his or her full potential. One of the most important things in achieving full potential is creating a productive learning environment at both home and the studio. Feedback is crucial to each student, but it is most important to be done in a constructive and positive way. I also believe that students should not just be limited to building repertoire. Therefore, I think it is necessary to apply an emphasis on music theory, music history, and music performance. With providing a versatile background for each student, my goal and wish for them is: to be able to foster their growth in such a way where they become independent learners. To foster the growth, I encourage all of my students to ask questions. (There is no such thing as a stupid question.) I believe that music plays an integral part of everyone’s education as well as their own self-expression. My responsibility and commitment as a teacher will be to provide well prepared instruction to help each student realize his or her own potential and abilities.

My teaching practices combine both the Suzuki and traditional methods. I’ve had Suzuki string training, but I’m not do not teach exclusively Suzuki. While I find that the Suzuki method can be productive, I believe each student requires an individualized program and attention. I find it more beneficial to start younger students out with Suzuki and introduce more traditional methods with following certain Suzuki guidelines over time.

Teacher Responsibilities

Nicholas Gold will provide a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere for learning and will offer many performance and enriching activities. He will continue to further his teaching skills and music knowledge by belonging to professional organizations, attending workshops, reading professional publications, and engaging in other activities. Nicholas will encourage a feeling of success at each student’s individual rate of learning and guide each student towards musical independence with a balanced program of theory, technique, ear-training, sight-reading and performance opportunities. He will make cello as fun and entertaining as possible!

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